Windows 7 build?

first post: scanbix wrote: Windows 7 build?

Slideshow Speed

first post: tuxi wrote: Hi there, First of all, many thanks for that great application i...

Private Albums?

first post: jpoder wrote: Any chance to add support for non-public albums???

latest post: beannd wrote: Any progress on this? Access to private albums would really be grea...

Future Roadmap?

first post: jmanghera wrote: Hi Guys, First I must commend you guys for putting out a great ...


first post: Daz1970 wrote: Think this is a great idea. I cannot code, though am happy to help ...

Vista MCE

first post: thomasj wrote: Hi there, This is a SUPER idea... however, I cannot get it to work...


first post: Truong2D wrote: Random

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